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Web Hosting

The current digital era we live in requires businesses to build powerful websites that can be at the forefronts. These websites act as the business’ communication platforms and also give valuable information about products and services. 

Building a website requires good graphic designers. Web hosting allows large firms the ability to publish a website or a web page on the internet. The data of the website is stored on special servers that are massive in size. The company invests countless bucks on making sure the database is strong and error proof. Companies like Facebook need to have powerful web hosting servers to be able to hold the huge amount of traffic and data exchange on a daily basis. 

Why is a Website Important?

Websites have become an integral part of a company’s portfolio. They have the power to produce millions in ad revenue, provided you have good traffic on the website. Many companies have separate departments that simply focus on improving the website and adding more features to it. Since majority of the world now views websites on their phones, companies now have to ensure their websites are mobile friendly. 

The hard work that is put into a website will reap a lot of benefits for the owner. Websites are cost effective in the modern world. There is no need for a brick and mortar store where the costs are much higher than owning a website. It also makes it easy for your consumers to view your products and generate revenue online. 

Websites are also a great way to market your products without wasting any resources on print materials. They are much more efficient in notifying the consumer if they have subscribed to the website. The regular updates increase chances of the consumer opening the website and purchasing something. 

How to Decide Which Web Host to Choose?

Choosing the right web host is crucial as it determines the package they are willing to provide for your company and on what cost they are going to do so. There are certain companies in the market that sell fake ‘unlimited bandwidth’ to companies, whereas there is no such thing. There is always a certain limit on the amount of bandwidth. Web hosts may shut down the service once that limit is reached. Therefore, it is important to check the credibility of the web hosting service provider.

Companies must also choose web hosts that give the ability of choosing a domain name to their consumers. Having a personalized domain further adds value to your company’s service. Companies should also go for a portable content management system where any unforeseen downtime of the web host does not end up affecting the company’s website. 

Lastly, you must understand the type of web hosting you need. There are several web hosting types, including VPS hosting, shared hosting and dedicated hosting. You also need to choose the type of web host based on the type of your website. Web hosts like Wix specialize in personalized websites with easy editing and no  coding. They are perfect for people who are not skilled in web development. Every type of web host specializes in some way to make your website as per your requirements. 

Reliability of Web Hosting

Once you decide which web host you want, the next step is to see the reliability of that service provider. This includes the support service that the web host provides. Imagine the website shutting down all of a sudden. A 24/7 support service will help you save money on ad revenue because the website can immediately restart once the problem is solved. 

You must also check if the company has a money-back guarantee. Normally, web hosts give their customers the option to receive their money back in a 30-day time period if they are unsatisfied with the service. This feature can help you better decide between several web hosts that you want to try out before giving them the responsibility of your website. 

Several blogs online also consist of details about a web host that you like. The outside image the web host presents may be full of lies that the customer may not even know about. Read up on several articles before you finally decide to trust a web host. There might be some errors in the system that they use or the quality of the performance of their servers may not be up to the mark.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is where several websites online share a single server. The customers are given a limit on the amount of bandwidth they can use. Think of the entire structure as a bowl where several people pool in their resources. This allows for hosting to be very cheap and economical for companies looking to get a website up and running in minimal cost. 

Shared hosting is a good option for startups with a limited budget. There is no security risk involved in it, and it is a common misconception to think your documents will get mixed up with other people’s websites. Also, the utilization of a single server does not mean that the websites cannot get a domain. Each website owner can get their own individual website domain for a cheaper price than other web hosting types.  


  • Provides with a cheap alternative to brick and mortar stores especially if you are in the retail business.
  • Most hosting companies give you the ability to upgrade the type of hosting you are in. Shared hosting is a great place to start if you are unsure about which type of hosting you want to go for. The affordable loss principle governs the entire process.
  • There is not much need for maintenance, thus saving you money that you can better utilize in other processes. Shared hosting web hosting provides you with a package where the maintenance is part of the deal. Imagine purchasing a package with so many perks! 
  • Shared hosts also come with a built-in tool called a C-panel. This panel not only helps you navigate your website but also manage and edit it according to your needs. 


  • Although the hosting services try their best to improve security, shared hosting is prone to cyberattacks and hacking attempts. The servers have the information of countless parties, so, if compromised, everyone gets affected all at once. 
  • Several users are connected through one server and this causes lagging or a complete system shutdown. This happens when there is more load on the server than what it is capable of withstanding. The server may be overloaded with requests from different parties and there might not be enough processing power to process them all. 
  • Shared hosting does not allow you to use any customizable software to customize your website. This may cause hindrance in making a more personalized and original website. 

What is VPS Hosting?

This type of hosting is fairly new in the market and is slowly gaining attraction from users. The reviews on VPS hosting are mixed because most people are afraid to try something new. 

VPS stands for Virtual Personal Server. It is responsible for changing the location of your servers to the hosting provider’s. A VPS server consists of its own operating system as well as its own bandwidth which enables it to store a lot more data than other hosting methods. A VPS server is used like a dedicated server, the only difference being that it is more customizable to the consumer’s liking. 

There are several benefits to this new kind of hosting method. People have not openly welcomed it yet but the following benefits may change that.


  • If you are going to purchase a dedicated server, change your mind. VPS servers work exactly like dedicated servers with a lesser overall cost giving you the best value for your money. 
  • They are customizable and upgradable according to your liking. VPS servers have the potential to be personalized. 
  • Other hosting methods lack the control a company may need to operate its own servers. A VPS hosting service allows you to have full control over the hosting environment, which gives you ease of mind.
  • Depending on the traffic, a VPS server can easily scale from a small website of only 100 viewers a day to a large website that gets thousands. 


  • VPS hosting is more costly than shared hosting, which is the reason why many people would choose the latter. 
  • VPS hosting requires much more knowledge of computer networks than a shared hosting method. It might allow customizations, but for that, you will need to either learn coding or hire someone who knows it. 
  • Some web host companies may try to sell you a VPS server without keeping in mind your peak traffic hours. This can result in a crash because the company had promised to allocate more resources than are available. This could result in losing out on good ad revenue because the website has shut down.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is the best option for customers with a giant traffic flow per day. These are, in simple terms, one computer that works 24/7 on one network and fulfills all your needs. This, therefore, allows for greater storage space and more bandwidth. 

Web hosting companies mostly rent out a dedicated server service to its customers. The service comes with a powerful internet connection along with all the necessary tools and software to help build a website. The website can be programmed to be whatever way the customer wishes it to be. Dedicated servers, however, require the tenant to be skilled in coding. 


  • Nobody else uses the server except you. A dedicated server’s performance is the best amongst all web hosting types.
  • More flexibility with customizations. A dedicated server gives the user many tools and options to customize their website according to their needs. 
  • There are rarely any lags or shutdowns, since the overall control of the servers is entirely in your hands. 


  • A dedicated server is the most expensive option. It is only beneficial if you have a large following/fan base or huge traffic.
  • Requires the owner of the server to have technical expertise in order to operate the customizations. It is not as user-friendly as a shared hosting type. 
  • The host may charge huge monthly fees, apart from the cost of the physical hosting. The customer has to pay for the monthly use of the hardware on which the server data resides. 

What is Cloud Hosting?

A cloud hosting service does not comprise of a single physical server. Instead, there are hundreds of computers distributed across the world in which the data is stored. The cloud hosting technology is slowly revolutionizing the older ways of web hosting and growing in popularity.

The cloud technology has limitless potential because of its immense storage power and speed. Millions of computers are connected through the internet and data is stored in these computers ‘on the cloud’. You already use cloud-based technologies, including Dropbox and Google Docs, for storage of data. Cloud hosting acts the same way.

You are not limited to a set of servers, but instead have a range of servers that can be used as per your needs. The power of cloud hosting is increasing the quality of websites across the globe.


  • They allow for greater security as your data is stored across multiple servers. If one server gets hacked, you can always use another one to gain access to your data.
  • Cloud servers increase your website’s speed and processing power. This is due to them not being limited to one physical location. The access to the server can be from anywhere near the person who is using the website, hence the greater speed. 
  • The hardware never limits your overall progress. You can scale up your storage space and bandwidth as per your requirements.


  • The downtime problem in cloud hosting is one of the biggest issues. No great web host can claim that they are immune to mishaps that may shut down the entire system. 
  • Cloud hosting for small-scale projects can prove to be expensive for the website owner. 
  • Different cloud hosting companies have different policies for the flexibility they give in the functionality of the system. This can be problematic if your needs do not coincide with their requirements. 

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is one of the easiest ways to make a website that can be customizable and according to the needs of the owner. However, it requires technical assistance as well as management skills because Nginx files are used. 

Nonetheless, managed WordPress hosting is a lot less of a hassle compared to other hosting types. The host takes care of all aspects regarding security, updates, speed and backup. You can therefore relax and focus more on the business aspect of your website rather than getting into the technical stuff. 

Managed WordPress hosting has shared hosting plans to provide a greater website hosting experience to its users. There are specifically tuned hardware available for this type of hosting that manage all the security checks, as well as create backups of the data each day. 


  • There is better speed available to the users of your website for processing data. Managed WordPress hosted sites are especially designed for the use of WordPress with continuous optimization happening in the background.
  • This type of web hosting technology scales very well with the traffic of your website. Managed WordPress hosting services are there to work with the owner so that the site can handle the huge turnout every step of the way.
  • Despite needing technical expertise, the web hosts also provide technical assistance if at times the owner cannot figure out something on their own.


  • The service is again one of the expensive options on the list. The most basic packages start from $25 to $35, which is almost two times as much as the other web hosting options. 
  • You might wish to add plugins to your websites. Sadly, managed WordPress hosting type has low flexibility in regards to adding a plugin of your choice.


Whichever type of web host you choose, make sure it aligns with your requirements. Each one has its own flaws and its own gains. Compare your own gains against the gains that a web hosting service is giving you.

You also need to ensure that your website is user friendly, especially when it comes to designing a website for mobile users, since that is what is used more often nowadays. Set out your budget and act accordingly. The best websites do not have to be all fancy but should simply satisfy the needs of the users. As the traffic grows, make sure to upgrade your package so that no unnecessary accidents happen along the way. The chances of websites not working all of a sudden can really dishearten customers who look forward to using it.

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